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The Story

Music has become an important and therapeutic form of art in recent years, propelling me forward whenever I need a break from my hectic life. My music path became a reality when I switched to a music-oriented class in elementary school. I tried a variety of instruments, from classical to band instruments, and quickly discovered my favorite. Rhythm was always the element in music that made me really enjoy playing, which is why you could always find me behind the drums when it was time to play.

We discovered the magnificent world of electronic music with my good friend Antti when I was about 12 years old, and he had software called 'Magix Music Maker'—a' demo version—on his fancy Pentium 133 computer. We made a bunch of tracks in about a year and saved them on one of those good old floppy disks. Yes, I am referring to the mid-late 1990s, when boy and girl bands began to take over the world. Because I could not afford to buy my own drum set, I began to realize that producing electronic music might be the way to go.

We were about to enter the new millennium when I began delving deeper into trance music, eventually falling in love with psychedelic trance and psychedelic music in general. This style moved me in a way that other styles did not, and I decided that this is the genre I want to create. Since then, I have been actively doing it and self-learning myself step by step towards where I am now.

In 2004, I played my first ever gig, and later that year, my first official release was released. I have had dozens of releases on various labels and played dozens of gigs all over the world. I currently have two active projects based on the psychedelic trance genre. Frosty Fennic represents the darker experimental side of the mind, while Muatoy takes the dancefloor to another level with its uplifting melodies and on-point sonic details.

List of labels that I have worked with in alphabetical order:

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